Steelers or Packers? (Anthropological Study)

I was born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Here is the Steeler Fight Song:

I now live in Wisconsin. Here is the Packer fight song:

Oh, crap. I just can't post the "Go Pack Go" song. Musically, it sucks.

If I were a fan of someone, I have to say I relate more to the old Pennsylvania folk. Something about their brand of weird appeals to me.
But I don't want to get beat up, so I'll stick to the ol' Packer sweatshirt.


  1. Seriously, I'm going for the Packers because their fans wear cheese hats.

  2. How come the Steelers have this awesome song and not the Packers????? It's totally a Wisconsin song!

  3. It's even a polka! with an exchange student at the end!

    Yeah, the cheese hats are cool, but we need a polka fight song.

  4. I can probably clear up any doubts that you have about the Packers and Polka.

    I am Polish and from Green Bay.

  5. So how is it that the Packers don't have a Polka? Or is there actually a Polka that I missed? Please oh please let there be a Packer Polka!