Lose *five pounds by reading four blog posts!

This past week I took a health and nutrition class from 8-4 every day. During the day, we worked out three times a day, and in between those workouts, we read and discussed two books:

Exuberant Animal by Frank Forencich


Food Rules by Michael Pollan.

Food Rules by Michael Pollan is a more simplistic version of Michael Pollan's book, In Defense of Food, which I read a couple of years ago and enjoyed. However, reading the new book with a group of people was an entirely different experience. Reading any group with a kind of book group will give you a deeper understanding, so I was happy to read and discuss this with a group of teachers. (The class was called, "The Teacher as a Healthy Role Model.")

The workouts we did were interesting, too. Then we each had to do a final project which included telling the class how we were going to change our lives, and that was definitely interesting. What I think I'll do is four more posts about my class:

Monday: Michael Pollan's Food Rules and nutrition in general.

Tuesday: What I learned from reading and discussing Frank Forencich's Exuberant Animal.

Wednesday: What I learned from my classmates.

Thursday: What three workouts a day for a week taught me.

I hope this isn't too dry a topic. Everyone is interested in nutrition and exercise these days, right?

* Results may vary within an order of magnitude.

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