What Three Workouts a Day for a Week Taught Me

No sweat! I guess I work out constantly in the summer. I'm a mover and a shaker. All of these workouts were mostly relaxing- except for "spinning". I hate spinning! You ride a bike and go absolutely nowhere!

We tried a whole lot of different things. Also, we tried them barefoot, because being barefoot is really good for you. Who knew?

One thing we did was walk with walking sticks. There were two poles, like ski poles, and it was supposed to work out your arms as you walked. We walked around a little lake, but to get there, we had to cross a busy street in Middleton. Our teacher stopped traffic for us as all nineteen of us walked in front of these cars, striding with our poles. Yeah. I was a part of that ridiculous group. You may have seen us on other blogs!

The yoga helped me a lot. I felt balanced and relaxed. I resolved to do more yoga.

That was the point, I think: to find something that you enjoy. That's all you need to do.

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