My Classmates and the Strange Realities

All of my classmates in this health class I took were teachers, and all of them were women save for one. We had an assignment which was personal in nature to present at the end. In this way, I learned all about the health and nutrition of my classmates.

I won't bore you with all of the details, but I will say that there were a lot of tears! I mean, maybe 35% of the presenters cried. It was crazy. And why did they cry? I think they felt guilty for their unhealthy lifestyles. (It was infinitely more complicated than that, but that's what it boils down to.) Guilty. Seriously. About eating too many Twinkies and drinking too much Diet Coke!

So what I learned in part was that I do not have as many hang ups as many people, and for that I should be thankful.

It's not their fault though. How many food ads have you seen for things that were "sinfully delicious". Or how about this, "Same taste without the guilt"? Why in the world should anyone feel guilty about eating something? I understand if you are all about animal rights and accidentally eat some turkey, but that is not what this is about. People feel guilty for doing things that are fattening, and then they eat more to assuage their guilt, and they they feel more guilty and then they eat more to assuage their guilt and then they feel guilty for eating so much and hate themselves and then...

What madness we have come to. Please, for the love of God, feel guilty when you are mean and nasty and spiteful! Don't feel guilty for eating or not exercising. Don't waste your life on that.

Please, for me, go eat something sweet and delicious with all of the calories, and then just lay down and look at the ceiling for three hours.


  1. I was beginning to feel guilty for eating so much ice cream lately, but damn, it's been REALLY HOT out. So I stopped feeling guilty about it.

  2. Great! That's what I'm talking about. We went out for ice cream, too, when it was really hot- and by really hot I mean 85. But I'm not feeling guilty.