Michael Pollan's Food Rules and nutrition in general.

These things are bad:

1. High Fructose Corn Syrup.

2. White Flour.

3. Soda Pop.

4. Anything someone in the year 1900 would not recognize as food.

5. Things that don't rot.

6, Refined sugar.

7. Foods called, "light" or, "low fat."

These things are good:

1. Food that you can recognize as something that came off of a plant or tree.

2. Honey and maple syrup.

3. Things you make from scratch.

4. Foods that look like leaves.

5. Foods your great-grandmother made.

6. Whole foods (not the brand, but the meaning behind it).

7. Small greasy fish.

Other Notes:

Sweets are okay if you make them yourself and use natural sweeteners like honey and fruit.

Meat is okay in small quantities.

Wine is good - one or two glasses with dinner.

Buy a freezer to save money. Buy two freezers if you can, and put meats in one and vegetables and fruits in the other.

"The lighter your bread, the quicker you're dead!"

"The S Rule: Eat Sweets, Snacks, and seconds only on days that start with an S."

My Notes:

There are so many things out there saying to do this or don't do that, or this is the latest research on blah blah blah... These rules make sense to me because they are based on what people have eaten for hundreds of years. It seems to me that nutrition in the magazine articles is always trying to reinvent the wheel, but Mumsey is 92 years old, seems okay, and she still eats a lot of chickens and occasionally makes a homemade pie for special occasions. Nothin' wrong with that! His rules are easy to follow because he's basically saying to eat real food.

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