List of Lingering Questions about the Two Snow Days + Early Christmas Break from School

1. What about the secret santa gift I bought for Tim? It's still sitting on my desk at school, ungifted. And what did I get?

2. What about that yoghurt I left in the fridge? And the half eaten muffin? And the fruit juice with live cultures? Should I drink it after break? Is it even mine? I thought I finished that one, but then it was still there, in the fridge, that last day...

3. Why did the snow have to go and destroy my Christmas lights? (The tree doesn't light up any more, now.)

4. Have you seen my Christmas bunny? Or do you think it is more of a snow rat?

5. How can I regift my secret santa gift to my unknowing family members, if I never received any secret santa gift?

6. Am I really dead, now?

1 comment:

  1. to #6 I hope not
    I never doubted super bunny
    also I just received the package from you with the special grocery bag and fruit cake
    on a Sunday no less
    thanks so much