"The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern gets 10,000 DHB's

I stumbled upon The Night Circus through my husband- as usual. He picks out the books and I read them. He knows my taste. He said something like,

"It's about two magicians who are raised to fight each other to the death, but they fall in love."

So, yeah, that's what it's about, technically. So I thought it was like the Hunger Games. It's not at all like the Hunger Games. It is so much better!

The setting really makes the book, in this case. It takes place around 1900, or thereabouts, in a traveling circus. This circus is so different from any circus that ever has been or will be. It is a place where magic is real. Le Cirque des Reves.

That much makes it sound like a children's book, but it is not.

The book really treats friendships seriously. I like that.
I can't express how great this book is. I give it 10,000 DHB's.

X 10,000


  1. It's funny that you and your husband have such similar literary tastes. Marcos and I couldn't be more different. He likes nonfiction and I like fiction.

  2. I've been meaning to tell you, I'm reading The Girl Who Played with Fire and it's got so many Swedish street names in it, I keep thinking of you.

  3. I got a copy of "the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" in the original Swedish- which was actually called "Men Who Hate Women" in Swedish. I got through the first chapter. It's too difficult to read novels in Swedish! Oh, well.

  4. I found Night Circus patiently waiting for me in one of my favorite thrift stores a day or two after your recommendation. An "advanced reader's copy". Look forward to getting into it (along with about a million other books!! - one of which is Havana Bay).

  5. I recommend this book to anyone that loves books about magic! Such a great read, I could not put it down.
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