Happy solstice, everyone! Remember: the solstice is the reason for the season! No one really knows what time of year Jesus was born. The Christian holidays tend to coincide with the pagan holidays that came before them.

I don't care. I'll celebrate anything!

We do open some gifts on Solstice at our house. It's our tradition. But Santa comes on Christmas Eve at midnight, even if some people don't entirely understand that.

This little diddy is actually about pickles!


  1. (Sung to the tune of the Dreidel song)
    Pickle, pickle, pickle,
    I made you out of cukes,
    And if you see your friend eaten,
    so surely you will puke.

  2. Did you think that up yourself? Genius!

    Little Z watched it over and over, which worried me a little. But she was just curious about why the little pickle was humming so much. I said he was humming a comforting song. Then we watched, "I am cow. Hear me moo." Several times, and all was well in the world.