Book Cover Art for Christina McMullen

I've been working on the cover art for Christina McMullen's new book, "Mother of Darkness". Part of the plot is a mystery surrounding some paintings, so McMullen commissioned me to do one of the paintings, as described in the book, for her book cover. I'm not sure when the book comes out. Soon, I hope! I'm totally hooked on her Eyes of the Sun series. What an honor to do the painting for her! Seriously.

I suppose the title will go over the windows or so. She wanted to do that part herself. The general effect is supposed to be slightly creepy.

I do all sorts of commissions. Email me at, for commissions or just to say hi.


  1. Thank you. It is perfect and I apologize in advance for any manipulation that I'm going to do to it.
    The book will be out by March at the latest. You have saved me several weeks of cover production.

  2. Congrats, c_d. Btw, you like Erin Mckean; check this out.

  3. The perspective in that painting is *amazing*. I'm so proud of you!

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  5. Thanks, Dad!

    And thanks for the link, Oroboros!