Winter Chicks

Over half of them died on the way here. They froze to death. The eleven remaining have been living in a wooden box with not one, but two heat lamps on them. I think they are a month old, now. The poor dears. I decided to move them to a new coop today, and hope they make it. I was afraid they would start hitting their heads on the heat lamps and catch fire.

They're my exotic chicken mix.

I know. You're thinking, Why did you order baby chicks in winter? Well, it's never been this cold before. And I personally have never felt a winter this cold. And I ordered them in fall, actually, for "next available" and the next available just happened to be in the dead cold and dead middle of the coldest winter in two decades. So there you have it.

Here are the exotic hens who did not freeze to death, the survivors, so to speak:

The one on the far left has so many feathers on its feet, it looks like it's sitting on another chicken when it sits down.

The one on the far right always looks to me like someone was trying to draw a bird, but they didn't really know what birds looked like. Here's another picture of the poorly drawn bird:

So goofy. I love weird chickens.


  1. Those are pretty big 'chicks' - I was expecting peepers like those you posted before.

    You must have an amazing electricity bill with all that heat-lampery! Is your house heated with natural gas or heating oil or something else?

  2. We have geothermal heat inside! I highly recommend it.

  3. Did they grow extra feathers to keep warm? I know nothing about chickens.

  4. They must. I have no idea. I know they molt once a year, and usually stop laying eggs for a month, when they do that.

    Google spelling doesn't recognize "molt." Silly.