Portrait if the Artist as a Weirdo

Or a wino (fan of Wasted Wine) in my imaginary Buck Dollars hat. :)


  1. Okay, who/what is Buck Dollars? When I saw the picture of your dad with that hat, I thought it was a subtle middle finger to your stepmother.

  2. Buck Dollars is my uncle by marriage. He plays in the band Wasted Wine, out of South Carolina. So does my Aunt Lou. It's a great band.

    He wears an actual hat like that, with money that has been cut up and formed into a dollar sign. I didn't think it looked like a middle finger at all! That was absolutely not my intention.

    There's a facebook group called, "Wearers of the Buck Dollars Hat". I'll invite you to it. We just all put on this hat and take pictures, and if we can't put on the hat, it gets photoshopped or painted.

    It's just, you know, silly.