Duck Wednesday

No Wanda Wednesday today, but I do have a silly duck story.

The ducks and geese always quack at me. I don't understand what they are saying, but they seem hostile. 

Last night, I went out to put the ducks in their little house. If the ducks don't go inside for the night, they are literally sitting ducks. They can't fly. We have coyotes and raccoons who would eat them right up. Sitting ducks! They're just sitting ducks.

When I want out to shut the door to their little house last night, the ducks (and two geese) were in this little marsh area, a little ways off. I was tired. I was beat. I did not want to coax them into the house from the marsh. Marshes are really not for people, you know. They are icky. But ducks and geese love them! They were having a grand time. It was a dangerous hour, getting dark. I really didn't want to chase after them.

Then, in a moment of inspiration, I yelled out,

"Hey you ducks! It's time to come inside!" And I swear by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, they came! They came in a row, single file, quacking all the while. 

A little perimeter check, walk around the house, and they went inside. All I had to do was ask. 

And here I thought they didn't like me.