The Amazing True Story of a Rabbit Named Daisy (or Perhaps Tree)

Big Z, age 7, had four bunnies. Her friend D had one bunny. And her friend L (age 8, but small for her age) had zero bunnies. This was a source of much sadness for L, who begged and begged and begged her parents for a bunny. So, finally, Big Z (my daughter) decided that she would give one of her four bunnies to L. I told her that was okay, as long as L got permission from her parents to have a bunny. And she did get permission. So, one day last week, L came over with her mommy and her two little siblings, and they took Tree away to live in town and be a house bunny.

We decided to give her the bunny named Tree because, in spite of both arriving on Santa's sleigh, Tree and Jingle didn't really get along very well. Also, Tree is quite sweet, and would make a good house bunny.

So, the next day at school, Z asked L how Tree was doing. The first thing L said was that she renamed Tree "Daisy." And "Daisy," she said, "left through the dog door." And then this is what happened:

Having escaped the house through the dog door, Daisy hopped onto a tricycle parked in the driveway. The tricycle then went, by its own power, down the driveway, with Daisy on it! L at this point had noticed Daisy was missing, and saw Daisy though the window, riding a tricycle down the driveway! L raced out and caught her! And brought her back inside.

Re-enactment done by professionals. Do not try this at home.

Since then, Daisy has been doing great, and by all accounts very much enjoys being an only rabbit and a house pet.