Ruby the Rabbit

Today, we picked up a new fiber producer: Ruby the Angora Rabbit. 

Ruby is six weeks old and comes from Portage, Wisconsin. Her hobbies include hiding in a corner. For her talent, today Ruby will demonstrate growing soft hair. 

Ruby's birthday is April fourth, which makes her an Aries.

"Those born on this birthday 4th April are highly imaginative and own a sharp business mindset. However, Ruby is soft-spoken but direct and honest.

"Ruby can also be a little bossy and impatient. Roll all these qualities up and you have a rabbit that is ambitious and logical… one that is able to make choices based on fairness and equality.

"As the April 4 birthdate personality traits show, being Ruby's friend has its drawbacks as well at its positive side. Ruby tries to remain positive but gets easily agitated when someone disagrees with her.

"In love, 4 April birthday horoscope predicts Ruby can be a playful and joyful partner. Sometimes, Ruby can be mischievous in her dealings with others.

"Ruby, you could have anything if only you set your sights on it. Those born on this day may have to go out of your comfort zone to reach fully your goals and aspirations. When you worry, Arians tend to suffer from headaches and wakefulness. Get your feelings out in the open so you will feel better."


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