Lamb's Wool Art

Since we have sheep, we have lots and lots of wool. I've been trying for a couple of months now to make art out of wool. Today, I took a class with Mo at the Cat and Crow, and I made something actually decent:

wool bowl felted

I'm pleased. The spiral turned out perfect! 

I'm putting it in the art show on August 8th. Why not? 

Hope to see you all there! It's on that great street, State Street, in Madison, in the Great State of Wisconsin.


  1. Cool! Hope it gets a blue ribbon.

  2. Maybe we should give each other prizes at the art show?

  3. Your spiral ball is really cool. I've just entered some chutney in the county fair. Maybe we'll both win!

  4. I understand you did win! Congratulations!

    I'm not technically in a competition.