Music Monday: Björk talks about her Television in 1988

This is a little time capsule of a show that I found delightful. Björk does not sing or make music in it, but I found what she said interesting, in the same way that her music is interesting- that is, she seems to be from another planet, another planet that might welcome me, if I approached it very carefully. And I noticed that her voice, even when speaking, sounds a lot like her singing voice. This is from the late 1980's. Listen to what she says. Watch carefully. Note the details.

You will be tested. I'm not giving out any more number two pencils- you should know to have those, by now. What's that you say? The book was in Danish? Shame on you for not learning Danish for this express purpose.


  1. You shouldn't let poets lie to you. Good advice.

  2. I always thought there was a little city in there! Now I know for sure! Love her voice, too.

  3. I just love her. She's an elfin feminist icon.