Mr. Bodkay Update

He's alive, but not well. He just started walking again. In typical cat fashion, he walked away from the nice cat bed I made for him on the floor.

And went down to the lenolium by the front door to sleep. He still isn't eating yet- that's a plate full of stinky fish next to him. 

And he's still incontinent, leaking bloody urine, which is, as you know, never good. 

But he got up and walked! Yay! Yesterday, he lifted his head twice and twitched his tail, and that was it, so by comparison to yesterday, he's much better. 

My sardine soaked fingers are still crossed. 


  1. Cats can recover from scary things. My group of 9 wishes him well.

  2. Come on, Bodkay! You can do it! Get well soon!

  3. I am worried about Bodkay. Heather L.