Go to Paris for Six Dollars

You may remember that, about a year ago, I wrote and illustrated a funny book about an uncomfortable trip to Paris I took once with two of my friends. It was called, Avoiding Sex with Frenchmen, and it cost about $25. I was somewhat baffled at the time as to why it had to be so expensive. Now that I've published a few more books, in color and in black and white, I know the reason: color pictures are expensive to print.

So, just to see what happened, while I was publishing the Birds in Beards Coloring Book, I went ahead and re-published Avoiding Sex with Frenchmen, but with black and white pictures. The price went down dramatically: $5.98. The price went down from about $25 to about $6! So, in case you never bought it because it was too expensive, I totally understand, and now I released it as a cheap second edition! It's the same book exactly, just with black and white pictures, and cheaper.

The quality is still pretty good (or, you know, in relation to how it was before).

I prefer this picture in black and white. There's something about a black and white rainbow that I find amusing:

Paris for Six Dollars
This is just a screen shot, so it's too small to read, but the plane says, "Air France 'you can smoke on the plane,'"
which was true at the time the story takes place.

I guess it's confusing, but I'm leaving the color version of the book still for sale, too, because it has such good reviews, and also because some people really like color pictures. But if you want the new, cheap, black and white version, click on these words. The new cover looks like this:

Paris for Six Dollars

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