The Weirdest Thing

Someone asked me what the weirdest thing in my house is.

The weirdest thing in my house is actually outside of my house, but still on the property. It's our mutant sheep, Corvette. She has five horns. The first horn is a little tiny one under her right ear. The second horn is a giant horn on top of her head, on the right side. Then, on her left side, number three and four are right next to each other, on top of her head. Then the last one is a nice big one, in front of her left ear. I think that's pretty weird. Sorry the background kind of makes it hard to see, but I put numbers for you. (When she dies, I am definitely saving her skull and putting it in my house, so Corvette's head is basically the future weirdest thing in my house.) Corvette is a Jacob sheep.

five horned sheep