R.I.P. Prince

Man, I love Prince. So sad to see him go!

When I was a kid, my three sisters were a lot older than I was- eight, nine and ten years older, so they were in high school when I was in grade school. My dad did a lot of gigs at night, and my stepmother worked all sorts of odd hours as a telephone operator. My sisters babysat me a lot. As soon as the parents were gone, they didn't really pay a lot of attention to me. One night, a certain *sister of mine who shall remain nameless had friends over and they wanted to go see this new movie, "Purple Rain," at the drive-in in Petaluma. But what to do with Shana? They determined they could sneak me into the drive-in (it was a rated R movie) by having me lay across their feet, with a sleeping bag over top of me. So, that's what they did. I was in a car load of teenagers, and I lay across their feet, and hid. Once we got in, I thought they would let me get out from under the sleeping bag, but no. They didn't want me to watch the rated R movie! Whenever my head popped up, they said, "Go back under the cover!" So I heard Purple Rain from under a sleeping bag. Hearing it was the best part. And honestly, I watched most of it when they weren't looking. I learned a lot. I was ten. That night was a highlight of my childhood, to be sure. What an adventure!

I've always just loved the music from that movie. Rest in peace, Prince.

*I actually can't remember which one it was. I think it might have been two out of the three. 

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