the Carbon Yard

My Aunt Lou (Hi there! I know you read this! You lurker.) used to be in this band called The Carbon Yard. They very much rocked. They were sort of garage band grunge before grunge actually happened. It sucks that everyone in Seattle stole their act.

I was very much a fan when I was about fifteen. It was just the coolest thing in the world, if you were a disgruntled suburban teen, to know people in an actual cool rock band in the city.

Actually, though, I think they lived in Oakland, which would be, well, NOT the city, but whatever.

I had this huge crush on this guy in the band, Randy, who, when I look at the pictures now, actually appears quite homely- but never mind. He was so, oh, I don't know, sensitive, you know? He reminded me of Heathecliff in Wuthering Heights- or whatever Bronte book Heathecliff is in. He seemed to have this hopeless crush on my aunt, who was older than him and disinterested, as far as I could tell. He was dark at brooding and drank a lot. And I was fifteen. There was this one night when we all were watching that movie, The Ruttles, and he sat next to me on the futon, and drank like, ten beers, and I didn't move, I didn't move! I couldn't! For two hours! I mean, Randy was sitting next to me, for Chist's sake! RANDY!

His name probably isn't even Randy.

I seem to also have this memory, which may be this sort of false made up memory, for all I know, of my cousin Allie- who was about ten at the time- erecting a giant poster of Randy in the club house, and worshipping it with her stepsister, Erica. They were kneeling in front of it, bowing down, and giggling hysterically. I could be completely making this up. I have no idea.


  1. Wow, I do lurk, but mostly I always forget my password and can't get in to comment.
    I never knew any of this stuff, so it's cool to hear it. Truth be told, I too had a crush on Randy-I guess we all did even though Chris was way cuter. I still have a picture of me and Randy sitting on my bedroom dresser!
    A few weeks ago I got a package in the mail-it was a dvd of the Brian Jones story called "Stoned". I thought, "What da? I didn't order this." It was from Randy.

  2. If I was homely then, you should see me now.


  3. Hey! What are you doing, being a real person and all? You are the stuff of legend.

    I guess I honestly never thought you would read this!

    I would like to point out, however, that I called you homely in photographs, but not homely in actual real life. In real life, I compared you to "Heathecliff in Wuthering Heights," which is a different thing altogether.

    Don't take it too personally. Also, don't take the fact that we were all gaga over you too personally! How embarrassing. I know we're really objectifying you here, like some sort of cheap sex object. It must be awful.

  4. Permit me to fade back into the mist of memory.