The Rising Floodwaters

Around here, the water is rising. We're hoping that the farm we invested in is okay. (Very selfishly hoping, I might add.) That tornado a few days ago had a lot of rain to go with it. The only immediate effect in our yard was that all of my seedling daisies washed away, and a bunch of tomatoes and squash sprouted up instead. I can certainly live with that!

The biggest news, of course, is that Lake Delton is gone. It washed away, and took a bunch of houses with it. For those of you who don't know Lake Delton is (or was) in Wisconsin Dells, which is this little vacation resort with obnoxious casinos and the Tommy Bartlett Thrill Show. The billboards for this guy which line the Interstate are so repugnant, you can't help but wonder if God didn't just smote him by taking his lake away. Not that the lake being gone is a good thing. I just think that, if they should get rid of a few of those billboards, that would be a good thing. (No one was hurt.) When the lake went away, it pushed away the dirt barrier, washed away a bunch of houses, and created this horrible mound of water which is threatening all sorts of dams, flooding places worse than they were, etc. I ought to admit here that I have heard nearly everything from word of mouth, rather than actually reading news articles. That would take time which I could better spend rambling on my blog or playing the piano.

Our house is dry. Brian knows people at his work who have stayed home to pump the water out of their basements, but our house is dry. We kind of live on a hill. Please remind me, the next time we want to move closer to a lake, that our house was dry in June of '08. Those lakefront houses always look so tempting and beautiful in the summertime.

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