tornado update

According to this, five people were hurt in yesterday's tornados. We have a lot of tree limbs sitting around and we had some flash flooding this morning. Last night, we ran downstairs because there was a tornado warning and suddenly there were these incredibly strong winds outside. Then it calmed down within a minute. We went back up, and my spatula was on the floor of the kitchen. I guess I just threw it down and ran! Then the siren went off again, and we grabbed some food and went down to the basement for about an hour. I found this picture at the weather service web site, but I'm not sure if it was really taken yesterday. Anyway, very exciting stuff.


  1. Did you have plenty of coffee?

  2. LOL! We're all out... maybe I'll walk to the corner gas station to pick up some... should I take the baby in the carrier, too? That's a good idea!