Art Teacher Substitute, Again!

I'm going to substitute for the elementary school art teacher again on Monday! They called and requested me. I feel so special. I get to see the budding artists again. Any activity suggestions? What would you do? Her lesson plans last time were useful, and also very flexible, so that I don't need suggestions, per se, but it would be interesting to hear from you.


  1. From one Substitute teacher to the other, I find following the lesson plan to the tee, is your best bet. If you don't the class thinks that they are in charge.
    Good luck.

  2. Fingerpainting!

    Saw your sign, have you watched this vid?

  3. Fingerpainting is great fun! Or doing stuff with playdough.. Or cutting out bits of paper into shapes.. or anything with glitter on... (Just hope you don't have to tidy up the classroom though).

  4. I always follow the lesson plans, if at all possible. I just know that this particular teacher leaves some room for a little creativity. She also is very particular about leaving the room clean, and I think there are something like five classes that come and go, all of whom must clean the room before they leave. Hm... the idea of finger painting really scares me! I would like to do it myself, mind you, with like, five kids, but we're talking five classes of twenty+ ... which isn't to say I would never do it, but... hm... How?

  5. I think all my ideas lack educational value...

    Paint yourself in PVA glue and roll in glitter.
    Make robot costumes out of cardboard boxes, and wear them and talk like robots for the rest of the day.
    Make the biggest pom pom in the world, name it, and someone has to take it home to their family and look after it every night.