Things I Blame/ Credit President Obama for

These tortoises are at the zoo:

I do not blame President Obama for them. They are there, indifferent to him, and quite cool besides!

Substitutes really live off of other people's sicknesses, and feigned sicknesses. I do blame President Obama, at least partly, for my lack of work as a substitute teacher recently. In this bastion of liberalism that is Madison, Wisconsin, everyone is so full of hope and sunshine and love for life in general that they feel healthy, happy, motivated, and they don't call in sick to work! Which leaves little old me with not enough to do, and not enough to pay the day care, which charges whether I get a job or not.

The upside of the situation, however, is that I've started putting my eclectic craft projects up for sale on If you don't know what Etsy is, let me fill you in. Etsy is kind of like ebay, only it's all hand made stuff. You make your own stuff and sell it at your own store there. It's very easy to use, so far. I bought a bunch of Christmas presents there. I also noticed, when I bought stuff, that a lot of stuff other people were selling were things that I could have made, if I had the time. When I don't get sub jobs, I have the time now.

It remains to be seen if anyone cares to spend actual money on my creations!

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  1. Now that I have a sewing machine, maybe I can start putting things up for sale on Etsy. I've bought things from them before.