Memories of Bubble Wrap

Well, it turns out I won't get to be an art teacher tomorrow, after all, because Little Z. needs me to stay home. She's got some sort of wicked cold and a fever. Thanks for all of your suggestions, though! They were very entertaining.

Ms. von Hathor's suggestions reminded me of these old friends of mine in Pueblo, Penny and Tamara. Penny and Tamara were thirty-somethings who both worked at a bike shop. I went into the bike shop one day, when business was slow, to purchase a bicycle tube. Tamara and another employee there had packaged Penny (who is very petite) completely in bubble wrap. I'm not sure I said that correctly. Penny was just bubble wrap with a head sticking out of one end, little feet out of the other. There was no Penny, really, just this giant mound of bubble wrap, taped together, which Tamara and some guy were rolling around on the floor of the bike shop, to pop all of the bubbles- because that is just SO MUCH FUN! POPPING ALL OF THOSE BUBBLES! OH_MY_GOD!

Penny was just laughing and laughing. They had actually hidden her behind the counter, when they heard a customer was coming, but then they propped her up on her little feet sticking out of the bottom of her bubbly encasing when they saw that it was just me.

Penny and Tamara. Bubble wrap. You heard it here first.

The rolling in glitter and cardboard robot comments made me think of that.

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  1. That is too funny. Would be funny for a class project, but would dissolve into mayhem very quickly.

    Hope Z is better soon. I hate when little kids are sick. It makes me sad.