of Road Trips and Reasons to Enjoy Facebook

Maybe ten years ago, B. and I drove from Pueblo to Durango, Colorado, and we got kind of goofy somewhere around Alamosa, and we started making up songs. It all started because I was claiming that my name wasn't really that weird, if you considered that some of my high school classmates had names like "Alyosha," "Mira Wonderwheel," and "Buffalo Forest Cave." This led to some speculation about married names, and then we started singing a song, which went like this,

"Buffalo Forest Cave, Buffalo Forest Cave/
married Mira Wonderwheel, /
and now she's Mira Wonderwheel-Cave..."

The song went on and on. The more we drove, the sillier it got. We had them with a myriad of children, all with richly unique, hyphenated names like their own.

A few years have passed, now, and all of those high school people have really faded into distant memory. I began to think I actually made some of them up, like just for road trip entertainment or something. I really wasn't sure if they existed anymore. And then came Facebook. And, just yesterday, I became unduly excited when I made friends with- you guessed it- Mira Wonderwheel! She does exist, and looks exactly as I remember her. [Please don't hate me! It's all in good fun!]

But, alas, she is not Mira Wonderwheel-Cave. Not married at all. So, I guess there's still hope for our dream for them, isn't there? The world is nothing if not a a vat of steaming potential for unlikely dreams to come true.

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