"In this economy" is the new "in bed."

Remember how, when you were young and all, you used to say, "in bed" after reading your fortune cookie, and snicker? Oh, that is so out. The new thing is to say, "in this economy" after everything you say. Yep.

It started at home, I think, after shoe shopping at Payless, and encountering a salesgirl who assumed we were newly down and out "in this economy." Like money had just been no object before. She told us the history of Payless Shoe Store. She was very enthusiastic. She wouldn't let us buy anything, because they were going to have a sale on Tuesday, and, you know, in this economy...

When we got home, we couldn't stop saying it:
"I think I'll have another slice of pie... in this economy."
"Yeah, I'm really hungry in this economy."
"The weather is awfully nice in this economy."
"Good thing, in this economy. What with heat being what it is in this economy."

Then, phase two began. I branched out. I started saying it to random people in public. I find that it takes on a different meaning, depending on context:

...at the grocery store,
"I'm buying potatoes- in this economy." [that's all we can afford.]
"Oprah's put on a few pounds in this economy." [rich bitch- buying all that food!]

... in the elevator,
"I'm going up to the twelfth floor, in this economy." [what with all the lay-offs, guess I'll jump off the roof.]

... at the doctor's office,
"Baby's sick in this economy." [how to pay the doctor bills?]

That's Phase 2, saying the phrase to strangers. Phase 3 is when you can actually get other people to say it. It's fun! I got a lady at Farm and Fleet to say it. Such a feeling of accomplishment, in this economy.

I know, I know. I shouldn't joke about such things. In this economy, especially.

Try it! You'll like it!