Missing the human touch...

I went to the post office today to buy stamps from the vending machine, and the stamp vending machine was gone. On the wall, behind where it used to stand, was a sign: "Buy stamps on line!"

Well, okay. I bought stamps on the old internet tubes.

Did you know, though, that buying stamps on line is more difficult than purchasing a goat on ebay? Among other things, the USPS asked me my mother's maiden name, my nickname (what?), and whether my stamps would be purchased for personal or business use. (I only bought the LOVE stamps for myself! I swear! I mean, I might give one or two to my husband, but-) I was then instructed to visit a nearby park at exactly 23:11 hours and collect a suitcase from the northernmost park bench, which would contain a dossier with further instructions as to how to procure said stamps.

I guess, in this economy, you can't be too careful.


  1. I noticed my post office vending machine was missing too. It mad me sad.

  2. I am going to my post office right now! What the hell!

  3. That goat needs a monocle! What?

    Anyway, the stamp machine at our post office kept breaking down. They finally took it out. People stand in line to get one stamp.

  4. What? And all you want to buy is stamps? Too funny - and frustrating.