Puke Day Cake

"Puke Day" is March 9. It's the day we celebrate, each year, the day we were going to get married, but had to postpone the wedding until the next day, because we both had food poisoning. I used to bake cakes for the occassion, but they generally turned out awful, so this year, we bought one. It's a "torte".

I had a conversation with the baker which isn't really blog worthy, but whatever:

Me: "I know it's kind of weird, but I don't like chocolate."

Old Man Baker: "Hey, I'm not here to judge! You're the customer!" *

* [Later that night, Old Man Baker blogged about his true feelings, "I met this freak today who wanted a cake with no chocolate..."]

1 comment:

  1. Next year get a cake that has 'Happy Puke Day' iced on it, upload a picture of it anonymously to flickr, and wait for it to be featured in Cake Wrecks. Imagine the speculation about what Puke Day might be...

    Anyway, happy Puke Day, and day-following Puke Day to you and Mr Morrisey Door.