Post-Birthday de- Briefing

Yesterday was my birthday, and I got some fantastic gifts and homemade cards (Holly's card was amazing). My dad sent me a Decemberists album, which is awesome, thanks, and Brian gave me the obscure movie I have been wanting since Christmas, "Christmas on Mars". We watched it last night. I expected it to be weird, I expecting it to be a little nonsensical, but I did not expect all of those giant clitorises and vaginas! That was something else.

It was definitely worth seeing. My favorite part was actually Wayne's commentary (Wayne Coyne was technically the director of this film, which was 7 years in the making). He told this great story about how he and his brothers came home one night, at around 3 AM, and their mother was crying, because she had just seen the saddest movie on television. The movie was about this space station that had something horribly wrong with it, and everyone on it knew they were going to die- but then, a miracle happened and they were all saved. He said that sounded like a great movie to him, and when videos came out and such, he looked long and far for this movie, and never found it. He finally decided it didn't exist at all, that his mother must have fallen asleep while watching television and dreamed it, but he realized that he himself was destined to make this film.

After seeing that interview, I said to myself, "Oh! So that's what that movie was about!"

I guess I should have warned you that this was a spoiler, except that knowing what the movie is about before you see it will probably enhance your viewing pleasure, so it's all good!

I really liked it. Brian got me the sound track, too, which is just a bunch of funky synth and weird noises. It's great.


  1. I have made you a gift but have not mailed it yet. Today is Marcos' birthday, so I am full of birthday cheer around here! I hope you had a good one!

  2. I hope you got my card! I sent it early because as usual I had my head up my you know what! Hope you had a happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday!

    A slice of Wayne is a good way to celebrate.

  4. Thank you for saying the card I made for you is amazing! :) I am very glad you liked it!