Geothermal Heat: A Landscaper's Nightmare

Our back stoop, cast aside!

This is the view from our back door today. Don't step out!


  1. Watch that first step! It's a doosy!

  2. We're looking at geothermal for our log house. I guess you're going horizontal instead of vertical. That is still undecided for us. Looking forward to updates on this! Did you do any blower door tests, or how did they size your unit?

  3. We went with horizontal directional boring, which is actually less destructive than regular horizontal, believe it or not!

    They sized our unit simply by measuring the size of our house, and accounting for our somewhat poor insulation and wobbly windows. No blower door tests- I don't actually know what that is. Now I'm thinking, maybe we should have had blower door tests done. Hm.

    One word of advice: make sure you get a completion date written into your contract!

  4. Wow! Pretty exciting. You don't know blower door, I don't know horizontal directional ;-) I do know you'll be saving lot's of money in the long run, AND you'll be sooooo green!

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