Save the Turtles! Save the Frogs!

I like to keep an open mind- supposedly- but some things still just blow my mind. Like turtle and frog season.

Look at Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources web site and you shall find this:

Frogs: Open frog season runs from the Saturday nearest May 1 through December 31. There is no open season for bullfrogs, Rana catesbeiana, in Jefferson County.

Turtles: Open turtle season runs from July 15 through November 30. Turtles or turtle eggs may not be taken during the closed season.

Is this for collection as pets or for eating or for frog licking or for... what? I don't understand. Apparently, it's important to regulate. Frogs. And turtles.

I may just be a lay person, a mere mindless minion, but I say, Leave them alone, for the love of god!

They're just frogs and turtles, going about their sweet little lives.

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  1. I must believe that it is for pet collection, though the horrifying thoughts of turtle soup and frog's legs do come to mind.