Our Kitchen- but with underwear!

To those of you who ever visited us and sat in our kitchen in Pueblo, isn't this uncanny?

To the rest of you: this looks exactly like our old kitchen in Pueblo, Colorado. We actually looked up the listing, because we were certain that it was just someone selling our old house in Pueblo- very poorly, with underwear. I expected to see Mr. Kitty walking through the doorway. The floor is the same, the cabinets, same sink, the doorway there, the window behind the doorway, barely visible- our stove had clock. That's the only thing. Our stove had a clock.

It was very odd indeed to click on the old Lovely Listing and feel that I had come home again, and someone was drying his underwear in my kitchen. Then also very odd to think that someone else is now living with the same exact underwear- I mean, kitchen. Kitchen. Same exact kitchen.


  1. Did you ever burn yourself on the stove while trying to get in that bottom cupboard in the corner?

  2. No, never. But now that I think of it, that corner was a teensy bit different- our cupboards went up higher. I remember that, to get to the top corner cupboard, I had to climb up with one foot on the stove and one foot on the counter, straddling that gap, and reach up to retrieve things. It was all very awkward, but we loved it. We wanted to build another house exactly like it, only new, wherever we moved. We never did. We still both miss that house a teensy bit, though.