The shiny, pretty thing and Names

This is the new heater, not connected yet. I think that, if it were smaller, TLBP and I would fight over who gets to put it in their pocket and call it "My Precioussssss".

"Precious", by the way, is a red flag name for substitute teachers. When I see Precious on a class list, I am always wary. There are certain names to be wary of, and I think Precious is the worst. I've never met a well-behaved little girl named "Precious".

I don't know of any names that are always associated with good children. "Zelma", maybe. Yeah, that's the best kid name. I'm completely unbiased.

While I'm rambling on unrelated themes: There seem to be a lot of men around here named, "Tracy". I've never in my life met a male named "Tracy", until we moved here, and now there are two of them- one who is installing the heater, and another whom I've only heard tell of- a mechanic. Both are in very manly professions. I wonder if, when you have a not-so-manly name, you automatically go with a really manly profession? How many male hairdressers are there named Tracy?

There's probably a hairdressing co-op here with a male hairdresser named Tracy, and a troll out front.


  1. Did you know that in the 1970s a linguist announced that Cellar and Door were the two most beautiful words in the English language. Don't know why I remembered that trivia...and you blogged about names, amazing!

  2. Megs are always hellions too. Am I right?

    Here in The South we have lots of men named Jody, Tracy and Stacy. Fer reals. It still wigs me out.