Yep, That's my dad!

I just discovered the web site for my Dad's current band The Burnside Scramblers. Go ahead and click on their name and then watch their video and you'll find they're pretty good! But that's not surprising. Click on the link for Bobby Lee, you also get a little synopsis which includes this sentence:

"Inspired by the steel guitar styles of Jerry Garcia (with The Grateful Dead) and Don Helms (with Hank Williams), Bobby Lee took up the steel guitar in 1972."

Yeah, that's him, Jerry Garcia meets Don Helms.

Now, I can't resist ripping off a blog I truly love. Just looking at this publicity photo for The Burnside Scramblers,

who do you think the band leader is? Base your answer solely on the photo, not on any prior knowledge you might have.


  1. I'm voting the guy in the back row, far left- he looks cluelessly in charge;)

  2. I was going to say the guy with the wicked cool moustache, but now I think i might change my vote to b0b.

  3. I know! I love the blog "Who's in charge" I really want to send him a Carbon Yard picture, but I don't know how to get it to him.
    As for the awesome Burnside Scramblers, the guy with the mustache gets my vote. You gotta be a confident guy to pull that look off.