Seven Years

Do you know that every seven years, your body replaces all of its cells? Every seven years. Except for the brain cells, of course. Still. Every seven years. All the cells in your body.

Which means that you are almost an entirely different person by the end of each seven year period. And yet, the person you were seven years ago led to the person you are today, so it's not like you're really a different person. You've just- changed.

Morrissey, for instance, no longer looks as much like my husband as he used to.

Every seven years.


  1. It's the chin. And your hubby has covered his up.

    Of course, if Morrisey were to put on an Elmer Fudd cap...

  2. I wonder if your husband is going to look more like Morrissey in 7 years.

  3. Roses- It's not an Elmer Fudd cap. It's very sophisticated.

    Meg- The question is really if Morrissey will look like my husband in seven years.

    b0b- Jesus Rivera, Dad! Really? Don't you know the steel player for The Smiths, at least? I think Richie Dell played with them for a while.