The Grey Economy Cult Strikes Back!

Yesterday was Good Friday*, so being the ultra-religious guy that he is, BAH took the afternoon off. ("Is this when the Catholics put the tarp over Jesus?" I asked him. "What?" "You know, they cover the cross in church with a tarp for a few days, so you can't see Jesus, right?" "Oh, um... well, I've never heard it called a 'tarp' before.") The three of us loaded into my car to go get milk. A very leisurely errand. Then we saw this guy in a white pick-up just drive right across our land.

"What's that guy doing?"
"What the?"
"He's driving right across our land!"
"He is!"
"I'll go talk to him."

BAH jumped out of the car and started running after the truck driving right across our pristine tall grass prairie nature preserve stuff!!! Not okay!

The guy in the truck got to the corn field and drove around the edge of it in a square, while BAH was still trying to catch up. A disadvantage to owning a lot of land became immediately apparent: you can't catch people randomly driving over it.

Driving over our land is not a shortcut to anywhere. You just have to turn around and go back the way you came. The guy in the pick-up clearly thought he had business being in our corn field.

Meanwhile, in the car, Little Z totally freaked out, screaming, "Daddy Daddy my Daddy gone!!!" So, pretty soon, I was carrying a two year old, running after my husband, who was running after the guy who was driving around our corn field in a white pick-up truck.

Daddy caught up to him first, of course. I'd give a few dollars to hear what my mild-mannered husband actually said to the guy. When I caught up with them, the guy was writing down some phone numbers, and talking about "Rolf".

Ah, Rolf. It is all clear now. Rolf rented out the corn field last year. Apparently, he didn't think to check if it was still okay to plant corn there. (It isn't!) This guy in the pick-up was surveying the land with a GPS for Rolf. There was definitely some miscommunication going on.

"It's a good thing you caught me today, before the seeder came!" said the guy in the pick-up.

I suddenly had this image in my mind of little me, standing in front of a giant seeder, Tienanmen Square style.

Rolf now has a message from me on his answering machine. I hope he calls back before he sends the seeder. We've got to graze sheep in that old corn field. We've gotta live the dream!

* What's so good about it?


  1. It was Good because Jesus died. Long story...

  2. Time to invest in a shotgun?

  3. That guy had no business surveying your field with a GPS on Good Friday. The nerve!

  4. I'd be investing in electric fences.
    I take issue with the "good" part too. Being raised Catholic, I understand the principal behind it, but dude, it was in no way a good day for Jesus and frankly I'm not inclined to celebrate a murder.

  5. wow, totally got that image, pickup truck, tall grass, your husband chasing him down (he RAN after a truck?) and Rolf. Good grief!!! You need to post "under new management" signs up all over the place :)

  6. I always used to think that those signs, "NO HUNTING! NO TRESPASSING! VIOLATORS WILL BE SHOT ON SITE!" Were, at the very least, quite rude. But now I understand. We've also had a lot of hunters come by, and make sure they could hunt- and I said no. Chances are, a few people just came by and hunted without asking.

    So now, I don't know. Rolf still hasn't called, but I know where he lives (the guy in the pick-up told us) and it isn't far. I was thinking of going out and talking with him. Not sure. I'm a little bit scared. He has a big dog, according to the guy in the truck.

    Maybe we need to adopt some ferocious animals ourselves, at least temporarily. The chickens don't make good watch dogs!

  7. My dad used to chase down trespassers while the rest of us looked on, too!

  8. The difference, Roses, is that BAH had his pants on!