The Grey Economy Cult didn't mean to strike back!

I talked with Rolf today. He didn't get the message I left on Friday because his wife deleted a bunch of messages accidentally. He was very nice and very apologetic. He said he would never have planted on our land- he knew the land was sold to us, and he wasn't planning on doing anything on it, but he forgot to mention it to his "Agronomist" (the guy in the truck). (Another possible band name, "The Agronomists".) So, no worries!

"I hope you haven't lost any sleep over this!" said Rolf.
"Oh, I didn't." But I did blog about you...

It takes a lot more than this to make me lose sleep. My nickname is "Mommy E. Newman".

The conversation ended awkwardly. Neither of us knew what to say.

"Okay, thanks! Have a nice Spring!" I said, and quickly hung up.

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