3 Guesses


  1. 1. Canned tomato soup
    2. Red pepper aspic
    3. Very tender beef heart

  2. 1. Jello with something mixed in
    2. Raspberry Sorbet
    3. Tomato Aspic

  3. Gina, you win the prize with number 1! (I think you had a slight advantage from actually knowing me in person.) It is Jello with some strawberries and bananas blended in. It was supposed to look like a sumptuous heart, but it stuck to the mold and turned into... a macabre broken heart.

    How do you keep Jello from sticking to a mold? Anyone?

  4. Hooray! I won! Honestly, I don't know if I knew you liked jello.
    I have no idea how to keep jello from sticking. I always think Pam would work but that would be gross!