The First Egg!

One of our chickens laid an egg! It's very small. I put it with the other, store bought eggs, and it's the little one on the bottom right.

We have three chickens separated from the rest. Two of them were at the lowest end of the pecking order, and they have scratches that are healing (chickens can be mean), so we separated them to heal. Then we put in one extra chicken for company. We call their little coop, "the Hospital Wing". The egg was in the Hospital Wing.

I'm pretty sure the eggs will be bigger when the chickens are fully grown. This little one is almost a practice egg.

So exciting. Our little chickens are growing up and becoming useful.


  1. They will get bigger. But they taste good whether they're small or not. :)

  2. Practice egg. Is that like a practice nap? :o)

  3. Gina- We haven't eaten it yet! I think tonight.

    Oroboros- A book of ours called it a "practice egg" when they lay their first egg. I think sometimes the first egg doesn't have a yolk. We'll see!