Appliance Meltdown!!!!

Since we moved out here to Wonderful Hammerdown Manor von Farm, nearly all of the appliances have broken, and some of them more than once. I shall write the symptoms first, repairs in parenthesis:

* Microwave blew up
* Dishwasher spouted a leak and flooded the kitchen
* Vents in nifty massage bathtub stopped venting
* Washing machine blew a valve and overfilled and flooded the bathroom
* Water from the well state tested and found to be undrinkable and stinky
* Washing machine makes high screatch and will need a new motor
* Oven just broke this last Saturday- no heat, no display, no nothing, needs new something or other

Seven things in eight months. How bizarre.

The repair man came today and declared that he could fix neither the oven nor the washing machine, and he's very sorry, but he'll keep in touch. The rest of it except for the bath jets have been fixed. (Those of you coming to visit- the water is drinkable. Fear not!)


  1. Pixies. Pixies are ruining your shit. You'll need to set up some traps.

  2. Glory- as long as none of them turn into Breeders, we might be okay.