Descending Rooms, Descending Gardens, Cramped Attics with Scary Entrances

For about two years now, I've been having these dreams. Dreams about houses and gardens. They are very strange dreams. It's not an exact dream that happens each time I dream it, but definitely a recurring theme.

The plot of the dream is this: I'm in my house. Usually, people are visiting. I'm rummaging around for extra blankets or something, and I find some extra rooms in my house that I never knew were there before. Initially, I'm happy, because these are fully furnished rooms, usually even with extra kitchens and bathrooms attached, totally nice and comfortable for my guests. Although it is a little disturbing that there was this whole extra wing that I didn't know was in my house... and then I go into what I think is a closet, but it turns out to be a descending staircase, usually about half a staircase down, and then there's another whole area of the house that I have never encountered before, and it's not as nice. It's falling apart. Still further, exploring, I find yet another floor, this one full of cobwebs, etc, getting really creepy, and of course I'm starting to doubt my own sanity, now. I never knew this was here!

The dream just goes on and on until I wake up. There's never any real resolution. Sometimes, I encounter ghosts.

When these dreams started, the first one took place in our old house in Pueblo, and what I discovered there was not rooms, but gardens behind the backyard.
The old house in Pueblo, location of the first dream:
Each yard had a wall in back with some steps down to another garden, but every one was more run down than the last. There was a swimming pool with trees growing up in it, then it got really wild, a woody hill going down, down, down. Interestingly, in real life, I went and visited my Aunt Lou in North Carolina, and her backyard was so much like one of my dreams that I thought I was going a little bit crazy.

Then, for the last two years, there were just the dreams about different houses. Usually, the rooms go down and get bigger, but other times these mysterious rooms are upstairs and get progressively smaller. The upstairs rooms are places that I feel like I knew once, but then forgot about. These are places from a long time ago. Sometimes I go upstairs, to tiny little attic rooms which are haunted with freaky demons of the past. Usually there are no real stairs. In these dreams where I go up, someone is always egging me on, telling me it is so great up there, and I'm telling them no, I'm fine, I don't want to go, and they somehow convince me through peer pressure to literally walk planks over hundred foot drops, and then I'll come to a tiny room where I go in through the window and I'm locked in with something terrible.

Those ones are the worst.

It's all about the house and the rooms I didn't know were there.

Incidentally, there are always house guests in these dreams, and if you are reading this and you know me, you have probably been the house guest. You have not been the evil one to convince me to go to the attic, however. That is often Grandma Ruth, the lady in the picture at the top of this blog. When it isn't her, it's often someone a lot older than I am or in a position of authority over me. Everyone else is just a happy house guest sort of along for the ride. Everyone except for Tim.

Two nights ago, I had a new twist on the dream: I dreamt that we were at our friend Tim's house, which is really an apartment, and he found rooms that he didn't know were there! Which was odd, of course, because apartments are surrounded by other apartments, and these rooms were in places that really couldn't be. Tim treated it at first as I always do: something amusing.

So, what the heck do these dreams mean?

I think there are two types of dreams:

1. Dreams that are just your brain sorting through stuff and categorizing it, making sense of things, and then warning you about things that could happen if you aren't careful.

2. Dreams that actually mean something. The collective subconscious is contacting you, or the future is being predicted, or your dead relatives are contacting you, or your live relatives. Dreams, I believe, have some mystical capabilities.

I know I sound crazy, but truly, you can't help what you believe. It's illogical, but I believe in some supernatural something that can speak through dreams.

The way to tell the difference between the two types is just to think about it. When you keep having the same sort of dream over and over, it's got to have some sort of meaning or purpose. The last time this happened to me, it was a recurring dream about crossing the San Francisco Bay in unusual ways, and I contacted the family mystic, Dennis C. Lee for advice. As it happened, we had our talk at four in the morning. It seemed fitting. I could call Dennis again, but I'm more curious to see what you all think.

So, what do these dreams about mysterious spaces mean?

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