Turning Things Upside Down

I'm working on learning how to stand on my head.

I had resolved to do Yoga all the time, after my class, but you know, I didn't. Not at all. So, what did I want to get out of the Yoga? Just some balance and core body strength. I figure I can get all of that by standing on my head.

So far, I've worked at it for about five minutes, and I have managed to get my feet up off of the ground and perched onto my elbows. I've also managed to make my family laugh. But it's very serious business, standing on your head! I'm a very serious person, after all.

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  1. Urg, I hate the inversions. I'm strongly of the view that if you couldn't master it as a kid then the odds aren't good. I used to pretend I had my menses to get out of the them. Just enjoy some warrior and triangle poses, or a nice salute to the sun. Even if that's all you do, it's a full body workout.