This is how we roll around here sometimes...

We slept "late" today, until about nine, with the three day weekend and all that. Little Z of course got up way earlier than her parents. She told us she had already eaten breakfast. She said she found some things and ate them.

"I eat some corn and some crust!" She said. I recognized this as stuff I didn't clean up after dinner: corn and little bits of pie crust. I felt a little bit bad for her. BAH said,

"She just ate stuff she found sitting around in the kitchen."

"Oh, no," said Little Z. "Not just the kitchen. The living room, too. There were some yummy apple pieces in the living room. And I drink water!"

At least she didn't eat the cat food.

I think I'll leave a box of cereal out tonight.


  1. I laughed so hard, reading this! I think it's a great thing that Little Z's so self-reliant at 3. Maybe you should buy a box of granola bars or something to purposely leave out for when she's foraging for breakfast.

  2. She can't open those little packages that the granola bars are in. I was glad she was foraging for breakfast because she let us sleep! I'll leave her some dried fruit or something and some cereal next weekend. On the weekdays, we generally wake up all about the same time.

  3. That's good foraging. Hopefully you aren't a pot pourri sort of household.

  4. Definitely not a pot pourri sort of household.