Fancy Costumes at Public School: Bring It Back!

Dressing up for Halloween in elementary school and going to school in costume- why not? We were told it was "too distracting" and we were not allowed to dress up today. But... but... but... ?! So what? I mean, of course it's distracting. But it's the Joy of Life Standard!

We used to have this parade of costumes. We just walked around the playground in a line up with our costumes on. During the school day. I mean, yeah, it wasn't the most amazing thing ever, but I think it enhanced my life.

They're not test scores. They're kids! They deserve to have fun now and then.

Anyway, Happy Halloween! We went Trick or Treating and had a huge party, so I guess I'm all good. :) The news says that Sandy affected as far west as Wisconsin, but I didn't see it.

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