Sometimes I've Forgotten Things, and Sometimes Those are Mildly Important Things

As you see, we fixed the steps. The "treasure I discovered at the dumps" is off to the right. (No, not my husband, that other thing! My husband is the treasure I discovered in Durango.) To let the new concrete dry, we locked the storm door from the inside, so we wouldn't forget and run out the storm door and jump on the fresh concrete. It seemed very sensible, no?

We have other doors with different locks. (Remember they have different locks- that's key!) (Pun intended.) We left through the side door this morning with the intention of coming home up the newly dried steps in the afternoon.

I got home in the pouring rain, grocery bags in tow, and I couldn't open the door! The storm door was still locked from the inside. My "key" for the side door did not open it. It must be the wrong key. Probably it opens my dad's house.

I tried several ways of getting in, with no success. I finally stood around in the rain a while. I found a broken umbrella in the car that still kind of worked. I ate some grapes from the grocery bags. Unwashed grapes.

I met the school bus with a broken umbrella, cold and embarrassed by the side of the road. So, we did the most sensible thing: Little Z and I went to McDonald's. Sanctuary! She played in the inside play area. I read a book. BAH finished work and came to meet us there. Incidentally, he didn't have the key to the side door, either. (This was shocking to me. I always thought he was so responsible!)

I won't tell you exactly how we finally got in, but, with a team effort, we did successfully break into our own house.

What a day!


  1. I keep a spare key to the house (unlabelled, of course)in the glove box of my (one and only) car. Even if you somehow have locked yourself out of the car as well, you're only a phone call away from AAA assistance.

    Still, looks like you made lemonade out of a lemon of a pickle. Mixed metaphors, ho! :oD

  2. But do you keep a spare to your back door? We had a spare hidden, but it was to the door that had the storm door locked from the inside, so we couldn't even get to the door that was locked with a key! It was really amazing how we conspired against ourselves.

  3. Interesting. I understand better now how you were snookered. I've got two places; one key opens everything at one of them and one key opens all but one door at the other, so my system always works...

  4. Well, aren't you prepared? We need to take a page from your book.

  5. I can see the headlines now: "Troubling Steps Key to Grape Adventure".