Two Minute Book Club #2

I now have two minutes to rave about a book I love.

Havana Bay is a mystery novel. It is written for adults, and takes four or five hours to read. It's about this morose, suicidal Russian detective who travels to Cuba to help a friend, and finds that the friend is possibly dead. Then, as he sits in his room trying to kill himself one night, an attempt is made on his life. Figuring out why people are trying to kill him now becomes his new reason to live and so he stops trying to kill himself.

If this sounds ironic, that's because it is.

I loved this book.


  1. Read the first few pages as an Amazon "Look Inside" and had to laugh at the way the story starts. I'll keep an eye out for it.....

  2. The whole book is subtly comical like that.

  3. Yep, definitely wasn't expecting much from Tourist Trap but it did completely blindside me, I loved it. It's fascinating to me how and why we connect with certain films such as this.