A Hole in the Time/ Space Continuum

So, okay, this is weird...

I'm recording some music on this computer in the living room. Then I switch over to surfing the internet. I'm going to all of my usual haunts, Facebook, Blogger, various web sites, and all of a sudden, the security is super high. I have to sign in twice, use a captcha, verify my security questions, and then it asks for my phone number. After I answer everything correctly, Facebook suggests that I share my current location with friends. Every website seems to think that I am somewhere far, far away. But I am at home. In Wisconsin.

Oh, and also, everything is in Swedish. Web sites in Sweden usually end in ".se" instead of ".com", and sure enough, I seem to be at the same blogspots, etc, but now they end in .se and are in Swedish. Entirely.

It must be around here, somewhere... I've got to find it: the wormhole to Sweden!


  1. Februarys are like that some times. Check behind the looking glass. :o)

  2. Your Februaries are pretty cool.