I opened the trunk of my car today in the school parking lot, and a giant gust of wind came. The wind picked up a white plastic shopping bag out of the trunk of my car and set it flying across the parking lot. The plastic bag then caused me to go chasing after it. It billowed in the freezing wind, touching down lightly on the plowed parking lot, and then, every time I got close to it, it went sailing again. With the plastic bag always just ahead of me, I went running across the lot.

A utility guy was digging a hole nearby with a giant drill. What his thoughts were, I do not know. He will not be mentioned again.

The bag finally reached the edge of the plowed parking lot. I thought it would get caught on the giant mound of snow left by the plows, but the billowing bag actually went sailing right over it. I stood at the edge, contemplating. Is anyone watching me? Would it even be possible to walk across the frozen tundra and retrieve the bag? How deep is that snow?

A distant beeping horn broke into my guilt-filled revery. My car alarm was going off, across the parking lot. I pointed my key and clicked. No result. Self-consciously, I ran closer to my car, and pressed the button. No go. I kept running. Now I was running with arm outstretched in front of me, car key in hand, click click click, but the resounding beep beep beep kept on. Finally, a few feet from my vehicle, the horn stopped.

And I got in the car and drove away.

I'm sorry I littered.


  1. Brian noticed all of the plastic bags stuck on high in the trees here in Pueblo.
    Now we have an idea how those bags arrived at their destinations.